Music critic Jessica Steinhoff from The Isthmus and The Daily Page writes about one of the songs of Breaking Up with The Shabelles.

The conflict underlying this tiny moment of noodling gives the song a fightin’ spirit. While a sweet melody and lyrics like “Say the word and I’m all yours” set the stage for starry-eyed daydreaming, the song swells to a shout of “Take it if you want it,” making you want to holler along.

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Dane101 music critic Kat Kosiec reviews Breaking Up with The Shabelles

While not as full of slightly goofy and quirky songs like “I’m Drunk Again” and “Right-Wing Girlfriend,” Breaking Up With the Shabelles is still loaded with the infectious powerpop the group is known for in Madison. I found myself drawn to “Til the Mornin” right away. It’s one of those songs that you hear once and immediately want to hear again, and again and again. I can’t quite put my finger on why I like it so much. Is it the romantic pleading chorus, begging someone to stay until the morning?


Music critic Scott Gordon briefly discusses Shabelle demos and new Shabelle songs. “Madison power-pop goofballs The Shabelles have a tendency to mix comic lyrics about pool parties and pregnancy scares into their happy-go-lucky hooks, but leader Adam Schabow says they’re trying to get “less jokey and quirky” as they work on new songs. Following up on 2007’s Making Love With The Shabelles, they’ve tried to take some cues from The Apples In Stereo, aiming for a more layered, produced sound and working in more synths. How that will work out for the band is anyone’s guess, but The Shabelles haven’t grown up too much for their own good. New demos still have the band’s usual lighthearted, melodic spirit, and even include a country duet.” 10/27/2010 Scott Gordon – The AV Club/The Onion

B-Side Best of 2008 – Listed the album “Making Love with The Shabelles” Kristian Knutsen 12/02/2008

The Shabelles, The Buffali, and The Treats heat up the Crystal Corner
“Openers The Shabelles put on a typically fun set, playing such favorites as “Right Wing Girlfriend” and busting out keyboardist Ropin’ Rodeo Nate’s saxophone for the do-wop ditty “Something is Starting.” It’s hard not to love this band, simply because they’re so endearing. The music is endearing, the lyrics are endearing, and the banter among the bandmates is doubly endearing. The Shabelles don’t try to be anything they’re not; they’re simply themselves, and the result is nothing if not lovable.” 01/13/2008 Sally Franson – The Isthmus

State of Madison Music 2007: The Shabelles and The Kites 12/29/2007 Dane101

2008 Madison Area Music Award nominees The Shabelles reflect on the on the good, the bad and craziness of the event. 05/20/2008 Adam Schabow – Dane101

Adam Schabow and Emily Mills gets interviewed regarding the Forward Music Festival.  September 24, 2009 Katjusa Cisar 77 Square

Review of Runners-Up CD Release Show Equally entertaining are the Shabelles, Adam Schabow’s quirkily intriguing outfit. I was disappointed that their energetic anchor drummer Daphna Ron was absent, but her replacement was impossible to find fault with. He won me over by starting the set with a public service announcement stating his availability to fill in for any drummer who needs a break. His list of credentials had me convinced he could in fact fill in for anyone. The Shabelles set of favorites started off with my favorite, the happy-sounding sad story “Riding my Bike.” Slowed down and reworked with a jazzy feel, this version makes better use of Ropin’ Rodeo Nate’s sax talent. In fact they seemed to have worked on a lot of things since the last time I saw them, the songs were tighter and the harmonies even better than usual. They even added a cover I hadn’t heard them do before, the Violent Femmes “I Held Her in My Arms,” a perfect choice for a band that has been perfecting their own unique brand of pop punk for awhile now. Kiki Schueler – March 14, 2008

A brief review from blogger/journalist Emily Mills a year before she joined The Shabelles. “The place was pretty packed when the show started, which was very gratifying to see. The Shabelles kicked the night off with their super catchy brand of motown/classic pop. It was my first exposure to them, and 1) I’m always psyched to see other lady drummers, especially talented ones and 2) I loves me some smooth saxophone playing.” Emily Mills The Lost Albatross January 14th, 2008

While describing how Kiki called Schabow’s punk band “The Kites” the worst band in Madison, she had this to say. “I completely adore The Kites singer Adam Schabow’s other project, the gloriously goofy Shabelles, which make me ridiculously happy every time I see them. How can this band be that much different? Schabow certainly didn’t understand how: ‘After all, I write all the songs for both bands. Sometimes I don’t even know which band a song should go to.'” Kiki Schueler – The Daily Page 06/01/2007

In an interview with music critic Kiki Schueler, she was asked “What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Madison”, this was her response: “Can I just keep answering “music” to every question? I have Rick to thank for my appreciation for the local music scene. Without him I never would have met people like Blake Thomas, Josh Harty and Dietrich Gosser. Not only are they some of the most talented musicians I’ve ever seen, they are also really terrific people. The Blueheels may be the greatest band on the planet, and half of them live here (the other half live in Neenah). And few things can make me as happy as the Motorz or the Shabelles do.” Dane101 – Jesse Russell 04/11/2007

Review of Grizzlies, Arkoffs, Shabelles show at the Crystal Corner Bar. These were obviously bands that knew each other well, the history of who had been in what bands with who makes for a pretty twisted family tree, and there was a fair amount of teasing between them. The Shabelles hadn’t gotten very far into their headlining set when hard-hitting drummer Daphna Ron broke her snare, forcing her to borrow one from Arkoffs drummer Kyle Motor. ‘Now I’m going to sound like Kyle’, she apologized, ‘sorry.’ While Motor was the recipient of much of the good natured teasing- Schabow repeatedly asked the sound guy for less of Kyle in his monitor, even though he wasn’t even on stage- Arkoffs lead singer Bob Koch couldn’t resist a little dig when introducing the Shabelles, ‘they’re a surprisingly good band,’ he claimed, sounding somewhat sarcastic.”  Grade A- Kiki Schueller – Righteous Music January 20 2007

Interview with Adam Schabow about the inception of The Shabelles. 01/31/2006 Jesse Russell –


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