The Shabelles will be releasing their third album “Breaking Up with The Shabelles” on Saturday, April 23rd 2011 at The Frequency in Madison, WI.  It has been 2 years in the making.  Producing the album by themselves, bassist Andy Russell recorded the album, lead guitarist Pat Siebens mixed the album.  To get a taste of a few of the new songs on the album, there are three songs in the “Music” section of this website.

Recorded by Andy Russell/Mixed by Pat Siebens/Mastered by Kyle Motor

Produced by The Shabelles/Art Design by Dave Esmond


The Shabelles second album “Making Love with The Shabelles” received a nomination for Best Pop Album at the 2008 Madison Area Music Awards.  Songs like “UH OH”, “Something is Starting” and “Girl That Looks Like You” set a tone for an upbeat, power pop album.    The song “Right Wing Girlfriend” received national attention when played on The Rachel Maddow radio program thanks to fill-in talk show host Lee Rayburn.

Mixed by Kyle Motor/Mastered by Tom Blain/Mastered by Tom Harcarick

Produced by The Shabelles/Art Direction: Dave Esmond


The Shabelles first album was mixed and mastered by Kyle Motor. Motor also helped on many of the instruments including lead guitar, organ, tuba and back-up vocals.

“The songs on this record are adrenaline-infused bursts of pop candy, zipping by in under three minutes without leaving any aftertaste.  Remnants of the hippie decade show up throughout. Running the Bull’ and ‘Place in the Sun’ both feature Jan & Dean-style ‘woo-hoos’ and ‘waa-haas’ over blissful organ. ‘Speeding Things Up’ starts off like Golden Earring’s ‘Radar Love’ before switching gears into the Kinks ‘All Day & All of the Night.’ Name-checking an icon of the era, the hilarious opening track has Schabow comparing his girl to ‘Roy Orbison’…The clap-along, sing-along ‘Riding My Bike’ combines everything the Shabelles do well- the bouncy tunes hiding broken hearts, the slightly off-key backing vocals- and tops it off with a saxophone solo (courtesy of Ropin’ Rodeo Nate). Much like the rest of the record it sounds as if they had a whole lot of fun recording it. And isn’t that the way it should be?” Kiki Schueller, Music Critic for The Daily Page and Ricks Cafe

Mixed by Kyle Motor/Produced by Adam Schabow and Kyle Motor

Art Direction: Dave Esmond


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